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Nathalie Kelley   "It is my hope that my art will inspire you, bless you, encourage you, or just simply make you feel good. Most of the images I have captured, with paint or silk dye, have begged me to paint them because of the colors, the memories, the light, the reflections, or the spiritual significance. When the Lord revealed to me that He had made me creative and that He wanted me to create with Him, I could not resist His invitation. These are the creative expressions of my worship of the Lord. I want to "SHOW forth the praises of Him who called me out of darkness into His marvelous light." (1 Peter 2:9) "

Nathalie Kelley is a full time, self taught artist. She was born into an artistic family in Texas to parents who are professional artists as well as inspiration from her artistic grandparents. Her training has been years of being mentored by her parents.

Nathalie Kelley’s earliest memories are about art.  She remembers an early childhood memory at age five of creating paintings and taking them around the neighborhood to sell.  To her delight, she sold every piece!

Nathalie owns and operates "With All My Art Fine Art Gallery and Studio" in Snyder, Texas, where she and her husband, Joe, have made their home. Her art includes realism in watercolor, prophetic worship art in acrylic on canvas, and hand painted silk worship flags, streamers and scarves.

Her art work graces numerous businesses, homes, offices, and churches. Her commissioned works include various murals for private and corporate collections, portraits, silk flags for worship celebrations and the illustrations for a children's book "The Little Lamp". Nathalie holds workshops and classes to teach others to release their own artistic expressions.

For 15 years (from 1985 to 2000), Nathalie owned, Nathalie's Inc. a ceramic wholesale/manufacturing company. She designed, painted, and produced millions of tiny pieces of art in the form of ceramic buttons and jewelry. These pieces were sold nationally and internationally. In the 1990's she began to work in watercolor and acrylics and then in 2006 she discovered the challenge and wonderful effects created with silk painting and dying.

Nathalie's creativity is multi-faceted. She is also the founder and director of Doorkeepers of His Glory Ministry. She has ministered to the Lord and to His people with worship arts since 1986. She has had the awesome privilege of sharing her creativity utilizing visual worship arts. She has ministered at numerous conferences, retreats, Aglow meetings, on Primetime Christian Broadcasting, at the 2005 and 2007 Women of Faith National Convention in San Antonio, and the Joy In Jesus Retreat in Guatemala. Her dance team, The Doorkeepers of His Glory, was blessed to be part of Randall Bane's concert production "The Ark of His Presence". The desire of Nathalie's heart is to worship God "With All My Art" and make His praise glorious!

Nathalie Kelley
Snyder, TX 79549 - 325-207-6474
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Nathalie Kelley's Art

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