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Celebration of the Hearts June, 2009 Promised Land Retreat

May, 2009

Celebration of the Heart

Celebration of the Hearts

Slide Show

for the benefit of

Mission Messiah

Promised Land Retreat

Promised Land

Slide Show

Emmanuel Fellowship 11-08 Releasing Young Artists W.I.L.D. Church 3-09 WTC Silk Painting Class Slide Show 2008
Emmanuel Fellowship W.I.L.D. WTC Class WTC Class
  Silk Class June 2007 Antigua, Guatemala  
Guatemala Silk Class Guatemala Silk Class Silk Flags at Guatemala Virginia
  Scurry County Museum October 2007  
Museum Museum Museum Museum
  Silk Painting Class Snyder, Texas Feb. '07  
Silk Class Snyder Silk Class Silk Class Snyder Silk Class Snyder
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